Thursday, 21 January 2016

IDF. Lebanon 1982

So this is the new project I have embarked upon. The First Lebanon War or Operation Peace for Galilee.

Not going to go into the ways and wherefores yet. But first up is an Israeli Infantry/Paratrooper Squad in 20mm of course.

These first five are from Elhiem.

These five are from Underfire Miniatures.

Kept the colour scheme simple, which made them very enjoyable to paint.

I decided to give them brown boots which I believe was the trademark of IDF paratroop units. I will probably be using the term 'I believe' alot throughout the following posts concerning the IDF and opponents. I'm learning as I go along. One of the enjoyable aspects of the hobby.

That's it for now more to follow so.....

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

An Interlude Filler

I will be posting soon about my new project for 2016 (ooh exciting!). But until then here are some very simple fields I made before Xmas 2015 for use with 20mm figures.

Each is about 20cm square. I used the old favourite of the doormat. Gave the top half a rough spray of Vallejo Air Light Camo Green. The row of crops are from Mininatur/Silfor. The goats come from the Pegasus 1/72 scale Farm Set.

The main ground covering is ready mixed filler but at the edges I mixed filler with PVA and that set rock hard. So should protect the edges from any hard knocks.

With a T54 to give an idea of scale. The T54 is from a previous post but slightly modified.

That's it for now more to follow soon...

Saturday, 9 January 2016

My 15minutes of fame

I while back, May 2015 approximately, Dan Mersey of Mersey Books fame, writer of rules and my favourite book about King Arthur. Put a shout out for volunteers to paint some figures for his forthcoming 'Dragon Rampant' rules. I stepped upto the plate and duly two fantasy human types landed on the doorstep via Royal Mail. So I set to work..

first up a Ranger/Paladin type

then a big beefy Barbarian

Spent a couple of days painting these two since there was a deadline.

Well today my complimentary copy of 'Dragon Rampant' arrived on the doormat.

My figures are in the book on Page 9. Just so you get it PAGE 9. I'm quite chuffed. Never had any of my work in print before. Dan has done the bases, what I good job too.

Now I have an excuse to buy the fantasy figures from Hasslefree and Heresy miniatures I have had my eye on for a long time!

Also included in the package from Osprey was a complimentary copy of 'En garde!'

Which was very nice of them. Now I must admit the swashbuckler thing is not really my thing. But the rules do cover two periods which have caught my eye before, 'The Border Reivers' and 'The Conquistadors'. So we shall see. They also have a small section at the back for magic if you want to bring in Solomon Kane type characters. Which could be interesting.

That's it for now, enough of blowing my own trumpet, more to follow...

Friday, 8 January 2016

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll knock your house down

Catch up time. To kickstart my return to the blogging circuit I'll start by posting up some things I've done recently.

First up D9 bulldozer from SandSmodels in 20mm scale. It's not in the store yet. But I saw it on their Facebook page here. So when I placed an order for another item, asked Shaun about it and he kindly sent me out a model.

I've added cables for the hydraulics, grab handles, fire extinguishers, amber warning beacon and the aircon/heater unit for the cab. Built up some areas with plastic card. Added some card to the base of the blade to bulk it out more and around the cab deck. Then it was a case of weathering it....heavily.


I've painted it to represent a vehicle used by US forces. I could not figure how to make the grill which sits over the blade or to add the headlamps which sit above the two blade arms. Fortunately I did find a photo on the net, of two US Army D9's parked side by side and one was missing the grill above the blade.

Overall I'm pleased with the result. Had a bit of a 'mare with the painting though. Decided to try out MIG Ammo Scratches fluid in place of my normal hairspray. I learnt to my cost that you can't leave the chipping fluid overnight to dry like hairspray. So I ended up having to reapply a base coat. This means if you look closely some of the detail is covered a little to heavy in paint. Live and learn! 

I didn't weather it heavy to hide these mistakes but to give it a real work horse look. Honest!:)

Anyway that's enough for now more to follow...


Thursday, 7 January 2016

I'm back!!!!

In a moment of madness I decided to delete my blog. Gone forever. But due to popular demand* and following a national outcry I have returned.

I did save all the old posts so those should all be back to for you all to, ooohh and aaahh over or just snigger at.

I will have to rebuild the basics and the look of the old girl. So sometime will be spent over the next few days doing that.

That's it for now more to follow...

* Well two of my mates have nagged me to re-start it. So not quite a riot.