Saturday, 9 January 2016

My 15minutes of fame

I while back, May 2015 approximately, Dan Mersey of Mersey Books fame, writer of rules and my favourite book about King Arthur. Put a shout out for volunteers to paint some figures for his forthcoming 'Dragon Rampant' rules. I stepped upto the plate and duly two fantasy human types landed on the doorstep via Royal Mail. So I set to work..

first up a Ranger/Paladin type

then a big beefy Barbarian

Spent a couple of days painting these two since there was a deadline.

Well today my complimentary copy of 'Dragon Rampant' arrived on the doormat.

My figures are in the book on Page 9. Just so you get it PAGE 9. I'm quite chuffed. Never had any of my work in print before. Dan has done the bases, what I good job too.

Now I have an excuse to buy the fantasy figures from Hasslefree and Heresy miniatures I have had my eye on for a long time!

Also included in the package from Osprey was a complimentary copy of 'En garde!'

Which was very nice of them. Now I must admit the swashbuckler thing is not really my thing. But the rules do cover two periods which have caught my eye before, 'The Border Reivers' and 'The Conquistadors'. So we shall see. They also have a small section at the back for magic if you want to bring in Solomon Kane type characters. Which could be interesting.

That's it for now, enough of blowing my own trumpet, more to follow...

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