Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Citadel Paint Range...What the....!

Games Workshop has done it again and reworked their products. This time its the paints. Having used Citadel colour for a very long time, I was quite shocked (it must be my age?!) when I saw this announcement games-workshop. (I must be in shock, since I've decided to put an entry on the blog, not something I normally do for gaming news).  GW paints have their detractors but I like them, know the colours and what will work/not work.

With a weeks leave coming up I can see this bemused painter/gamer taking a trip to the local GW store to check out the new range. Once I've got past the obligatory greeting of 'WHAT ARE YOU PAINTING AT THE MOMENT MATE'. What I'd like to say in response 'Is none of your damn business young man' but since I'm to polite I'll probably respond with 'WW2 Fallschirmjager in splinter camo smocks actually' (Yes, I'm a sad old b******d).

Anyway GW have put up a downloadable conversion chart-old to new versions of their paints. Which will help in the mean time. Conversion chart.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Sustained fire MG42 with Fallschirmjager crew

At last some support for my small but growing Fallschirmjager platoon. A MG42 in sustained fire mode i;e; mounted on a tripod. The crew are wearing my interpretation of Water Tan camo smocks, except the team leader who is wearing a grey/green jump smock.

Figures are once again from the excellent Artizan Designs range.

The MG42 is fairly famous (infamous?) weapon from the Second World War-'Hitlers Buzz Saw'. Here is an interesting clip from the 'Lock n Load' TV show demonstrating this particular weapon.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bocage with Trees

Following on from my previous post concerning Bocage, I have now made some more. Eleven pieces again same dimensions but this time with trees added in.

These have been constructed as before, 2mm MDF bases from Warbases, then built up by adding successive layers of cork tile, cut to fit, and then filling in the contour layers with ready mixed filler to give a smooth (ish) bank, covered in sand and then paint.

The trees are Woodland Scenic armatures which I had left over. Since they are different heights I had to cut the tile around them. The tallest is about 3" the smallest about 1". I placed them on on the appropriate level of tile, i.e. the tallest where placed on the first or second level of tile and so on for each height of tree. I wanted to give the appearance that tree was growing out of the bank. So even though this left me with a dip, the clump foliage when added could be built up around the tree. Where the tile had to be cut to be built up on either side of the tree, I made sure there was a gradient on each side leading down to the tree rather than cutting the tile the same length so I was not left with a 'sharp' and abrupt end on either side of the tree of the bank.

Now I need to make some corner pieces, some ends and gateways. Plus more lengths, to truly give that claustrophobic feel, that these Normandy hedgerows envoked. 

Friday, 2 March 2012

Ambush at Pa' Randalls Trading Post

The wagons creaked and groaned under the weight of the cargo, but the destination was in sight, the journey almost over.

Pa' Randalls Trading Post, a run down, collection of frontier buildings, abandoned long ago by homesteaders, know occupied by Pa' Randall, ex-scout, ex-thief, ex-drunk.

Safety and shelter were at hand. Rumours abound of Apache Renegades, who had attacked Big Jakes Ranch, scalping men and defiling women . Soon the travellers could enjoy hot coffee, a plate of beans and secure walls around them for tonight. But what was that just beyond the trees to the right? Ole' Bill shifted his rifle nervously in his hands. He glanced back to his partner. Had Nat seen it? What was that moving in the trees? Apaches.....

Victorio and his warparty rushed towards the wagons. The warriors released a volley of lead towards the white eyes . Dahana would be avenged. Victorio felt the butt of his rifle strike his shoulder, and saw the bullet strike his enemy.

Nat fell, his life blood darkening the ground. Ole' Bill panicked rushed for the scrub. His wife 'Two Barrel' Annie shouldered her twelve gauge and ran behind the wagons to seek cover.

The folks accompanying the wagons did like wise. Discretion was the better part of valour.

Victorio let out a howl of pleasure. Victory was assured. The Apache rushed to close with the enemy.

At the Trading Post Pa' Randall, ran out of the hovels he called home, alerted by the sounds of gunfire and the screams of terror. In the near distance he espied the Renegades. Hunkered down behind his wagon, he raised his rifle and took careful aim.

But Victorio was a wily old fox. He personally lead one half of the band towards the wagons, whilst Uday lead the others to cover to exchange fire with Randall.

Victorio was a man on fire. His repeater spat death towards his foe. Ole' Bill, a veteran of the war in the Black Hills, twisted and fell as the bullet ripped into his chest. 'Two Barrel' Annie urged the wagon masters to greater effort, they could still reach safety.

Uday and the other braves traded shot with Pa' Randall. Time and again the Apache cursed in frustration as their bullets tore chunks of wood from the wagon behind which the ex-scout cowered. Then.....

Uday's aim was true. The Trader collapsed behind the wagon. His throat torn through.  A cry of victory cut the air, but not from Uday...

Victorio had reached the wagons. Yuma seized the bridle of the last team, and began to turn the wagon to the South. The other Apaches poured murderous fire onto the hapless white eyes. Many of whom abandoned the wagons and fled to some dilapidated buildings. Now they had to turn to 'Two Barrel' Annie for protection.

The feisty dame stood her ground and from the scrub turned her shotgun towards the Apache. Both barrels roared. But in her haste the buckshot found only empty air. Time was running out.

Even stone was not going to save the recently widowed Annie now. Victorio's bullet found its mark. Even before she had struck the ground, Vasco's arrow hit the fleeing Pedro in the back, he was never to see Mexico again.

Yuma began to lead the captured prize way. Ulzana having looted the body of Nat would not have time to liberate Ole' Bill of any of his possessions, for in the distance could be heard the rumble of hooves.

Capt' Jack had arrived but too late, too late. Victorio's warband was going to slip away again.

But would they reap the whirlwind in their next encounter?

So ended the second part of our ongoing Wild West campaign. I must inpart a big thank you to the Secret Wargamers Friend for putting on a great game. Terrain and most of the figures (except the Apache of course) are his.

In fact here is the great man himself, contemplating the game and what to do next. Cheat maybe?