Monday, 19 August 2013

Brecourt Manor......Part 11

A short update to highlight only a small amount of work completed on the boards. I've added Woodland Scenic's; Coarse Turf and Foliage clusters plus Silflor; Grass Tufts and Flower Tufts to the edge of the hedgerows.  

The intention is to make them a bit more interesting and add a splash of colour. I'm hoping they will make the foliage appear more natural, rather than a blanket colour across the whole boards. I've not gone mad with the tufts and such like, just enough .

The 'gateway' between the fields I've added some tufts to the central ridge of the track way. I was going to use static grass, but decided on using Silflor tufts, mainly because I do not have a applicator for the static grass which apparently should make it stand up better. If anyone has used such an item could they let me know their thoughts, is it worth the expense, does it make a difference applying static grass?

I've also added a small amount of coarse turf to the main board areas just to break up the bleakness of the grass.

I'm probably going to concentrate on cleaning up and basing the figures required to play out the scenario. So may be a slightly longer pause until next update.

That's all for now more to follow.    

Monday, 12 August 2013

It's Green...(or Brecourt Manor Part 10)

Ta Dah!

Finally the boards have some green on them. I've completed the trees, then the hedgerows. Used rubberised horsehair for both. Then added the flock for the grass. It is actually quite green, maybe too green for me. For someone who prefers muted colours the boards look bright. Anyway here are a few more pictures...

There is still work to be done. I need to add more foliage. Particularly along the hedgerows, and tidy up the grass here and there. I then can start to add more detail in and around the gun positions. I'm quite pleased with how the tree line came out in front of the gun positions. The artillery pieces are suitably screened by the flora to hide their position, which is what I was hoping to achieve.

I have also done some more weathering on the wooden flooring and revetments, mainly using washes. I tried Devlan Mud, oils thinned with white spirit but I found that the MIG enamel washes were best. Also added in some more mud. Two different techniques were used for this. Firstly I made a paste of PVA, powdered filler, suitable weathering powder and a small amount of water. This obviously produced clumps of mud, I was attempting to simulate dry mud. I then placed MIG pigment fixer directly onto the wooden flooring, put weathering powder onto an old brush and tapped the brush above the pigment fixer to scatter the powder. I did then add a little more pigment fixer to hold the powder. I haven't gone mad with the mud effect, restricted it to were people would be moving on and off the flooring.

I will now probably concentrate on painting up the guns and figures needed to play out the scenario. Thats it for now more to follow.    

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Life after Devlan Mud

Lo, the people of the land were happy. For the Great Lord had brought forth an elixir of plenty. The people cried with joy and praised the High Lord for the benevolence that was bestowed up on them. For this elixir was called...

Yet this joyous time was not to last, for the people were deceived. The Great Lord cast off his benign cloak and revealed a twisted and malevolent form. With a cruelty which only a tormented mind could conjure the minions of the Dark Lord, seized the fabled elixir and took it from the people never to be returned.

A great sadness descended. Those that could, coveted the elixir, seizing all they found for themselves, furtively hoarding the last few precious drops. A madness swept the land. 

Yet hope remained and some took up a journey to find an elixir that could equal the fabled panacea. One who took up this quest found a wise and learned Master (The Source ). Thus spoke the Seer 'Rest weary traveller for I can aid you, search no more'. 

Lo. The truth was revealed, an alternative existed and the traveller cried out in exultation....

Okay this may be old news but I only discovered it about a couple of months ago. So to me its one those best kept secret things but no more. I was mighty happy when I discovered that there was a viable alternative to Devlan Mud. 

I first read about it on 'From the Warp' (follow the link above), and when I Googled about it a bit more it seems the Warhammer communities were well aware that the Army Painter Strong Tone was similar to Devlan Mud and made a good substitute. Here's a little example..

For the record Army Painter Dark Tone is equivalent to Badab Black.

Purchased mine from North Star.