Thursday, 21 January 2016

IDF. Lebanon 1982

So this is the new project I have embarked upon. The First Lebanon War or Operation Peace for Galilee.

Not going to go into the ways and wherefores yet. But first up is an Israeli Infantry/Paratrooper Squad in 20mm of course.

These first five are from Elhiem.

These five are from Underfire Miniatures.

Kept the colour scheme simple, which made them very enjoyable to paint.

I decided to give them brown boots which I believe was the trademark of IDF paratroop units. I will probably be using the term 'I believe' alot throughout the following posts concerning the IDF and opponents. I'm learning as I go along. One of the enjoyable aspects of the hobby.

That's it for now more to follow so.....


  1. Great sculpts and brought to life with superb painting.

    1. Thank you Pat. Lot to come on this project.

  2. Those are really cool, I love the helmets especially.

    1. Thank you. Nice figures to paint.