Sunday, 24 May 2015

Thank you Mr Patten

It may not be too evident from my blog but I am a big fan of Dark Age history. I have quite a collection of Viking, Saxon, Arthurian miniatures plus books etc. I must admit mostly unpainted. But recently I have been picking up the odd figure and painting it for fun, with every intention of returning full time to the period.

So earlier in the year I discovered that Colin Patten the man behind the original 'Gripping Beast Miniatures' (with his brother Duncan), before it was took over by Andy and Darren and became the monster we all love, had launched a new company called Saxon Miniatures. I took a look and the figures are as per usual, in my opinion, excellent. So I ordered the Warlords Deal, and why not! 

(Photos from Saxon Miniatures)

About a month had gone by and nothing had turned up, but the site does say it could take that long for delivery so I was  not concerned. But then I had e-mail from Colin explaining there was a delay with casting and did I want to wait or have a refund. I chose to wait, no contest really. Colin did say he would reward my patience due to the delay.

The figures arrived and are lovely and are sitting in the painting queue at the moment, I'm afraid. I was happy and thought no more about it. Then on Friday a 'Jiffy' envelope arrived and inside was a very pleasant surprise.

These are from the new Arthurian Knights range. Very nice too! These will probably get painted first. I've being in the process of building an Arthurian army since the WAB days. Then I bought Dan Mersey's 'Glutter of Ravens' rules.

and then, several years later, the TooFATLardies rules, 'Dux Brittanniarum'

I have enough Early Saxons completed to use with 'Dux', so I will (by the end of the year, hopefully) have a Romano British army to use with both sets of rules for fast play games. So a project I probably started 10 years ago will be completed or at least part way!

So a big thank you to Colin. I'm sure you like me have other stories of the good service received from the many companies which support and provide for our hobby. But this time I decided to mention this kind gesture.

Here are a few Vikings I painted recently just to prove I have been painting Dark Age figures. From Gripping Beast and if I'm not mistaken sculpted by Mr Patten!

So there you have a rare glimpse into the clutter of my painting desk. The figures in the background may give an idea as to what is my main focus at the moment.

That's it for now more to follow....soonish...