Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hot Spots!

For those of you expecting top tips for hip night spots...sorry!

Those of you who play Force on Force, then you will know what I'm referring to. Hot Spot markers;

These are used in FoF/Ambush Alley games to represent 'spawning' areas for insurgent reinforcements. Numbered one to five, they are located on the playing area, and when ever the insurgent/irregular player roles for reinforcements they then make a further die role to find out where the group will arrive on table.

I have used oil drums, to represent the number of each base. Went with an animal theme, and used red (dish) colour for the oil drums to signify a hot spot!  In game terms I never count Hot Spots as intervening terrain but wanted them to fit in with the ramshackle/worn look I'm attempting to create for all the terrain I'm building for this project. 

They can make an important objective for the regular player during asymmetrical engagements. By occupying and removing the Hot Spot then no reinforcements can appear there, but the marker still has to be rolled for. If unlucky enough to role the corresponding number for the 'captured' location then the reinforcements are lost! 

Now I'm really going to turn up the heat!

Jersey barriers. An item of terrain no self respecting modern gamer should be without!


These are resin pieces from Brengun, available from Lone Wulf Models.




Sunday, 13 July 2014


Trumpeter 1/72 scale T-55.

The Iraqi Army gains another AFV, to protect the homeland. Took slightly longer with this one since I tried out some different techniques to weather the machine. Colour scheme is based on photos available on the net. I knew that some Iraqi armour, Saddam era, were described having a green/sand camo scheme. Studying available photos it seemed that the sand was painted over the original Russian green. So that's what I've tried to represent.

The Trumpeter kits make a nice build but shame they lack the detail of the Revell kits. I've added the canvas gun mantlet cover again, made from Milliput this time. The tow cable is from Eureka XXL which I picked up from Lonewulf Models. Tempted with the next one to add more detail, but will have to wait and see. Though I have found what looks like a nice resin conversion kit for the T-55 which I'm very keen to get.

That's for now more to follow.