Friday, 14 January 2011

Return of the Apache

I've managed to add two more Apache Warriors to my small but growing war party, for use in Legends of the Old West.

 Both of these warriors are armed with Winchester repeating rifles, and will add much needed fire power to the Apache posse.

These look a bit garish since I had to use the flash. I need to invest in a halogen lamp which I've read should be used to assist in lighting figures if the natural light is poor.

These models like all others are from the wargames foundry range. 

Monday, 3 January 2011

On the Workbench

Another quick update. This is what has kept me occupied for the last couple of days.
Auxiliary cavalry for the 1879 Zulu War. Cleaned up and based fourteen mounted figures and fourteen dismounted figures over the weekend, and then gave then a coat of Chaos Black spray. In this little lot are;  Natal Mounted Police x4, Natal Carbineers x4, Buffalo Border Guard x2, Newcastle Mounted Rifles x2, Auxiliary Officer x1 and LtCol Durnford x1.  These are once again empressminiatures figures. The oval bases which the cavalry are mounted on are from warbases. Picked them up at the Reading show last year.

I suspect the next couple of months are going to be busy so I'm not sure how much painting I'm going to have time to do. But with these based and primed, at least I get on paint them when I do find the time.

A belated Happy New Year to you all. I'm not one for making New Year Resolutions. When I have done so previously I tend to either forget them or never full fill them as the year goes by. At the moment though if I had to make one resolution, okay maybe two...DO MORE PAINTING and STOP BUYING MORE FIGURES. Lets see what happens as the year goes by.