Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Insurgency Begins!

First batch of Insurgents/Fedayeen completed.

These are all Elhiem figures. Painted them in a mix of civilian/military clothing. Intend to mix them in with Fedayeen Saddam figures to represent those who wore civilian clothing to resist the advance to Baghdad. Actually though there is reference to Iraqi's wearing black garb when fighting the US Army/USMC, I haven't found any actual evidence that the Fedayeen wore their Darth Vader inspired uniform when actually fighting. Or specifically describes it as being wore in combat. I have read the helmet offered no protection being made of plastic or fibreglass depending on source.

I've gone for an abstract approach to represent the shemagh/keffiyeh. Tried painting dots/stripes etc but the pattern was beyond my skill, and it looked like they were wearing polka-dot hankies on their heads. So in the end I've applied a glaze of colour over a white base then highlighted up with white (actually Deck Tan) to give a semblance of pattern. Looks better when viewed from a distance (honest!).

That's it for now more to follow....


  1. Great looking minis, nice work!

  2. Really like these Mark, I can't believe that they're 20mm though, the detail you've achieved is tremendous!

  3. Phil & Michael-thank you for the kind comments. They are very nice figures to paint.

  4. Great advert for the company, 28mm quality painting on 20mm figs.

    1. Thank you Pat. You'll make me blush saying things like that!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Scott. Much appreciated.