Sunday, 13 July 2014


Trumpeter 1/72 scale T-55.

The Iraqi Army gains another AFV, to protect the homeland. Took slightly longer with this one since I tried out some different techniques to weather the machine. Colour scheme is based on photos available on the net. I knew that some Iraqi armour, Saddam era, were described having a green/sand camo scheme. Studying available photos it seemed that the sand was painted over the original Russian green. So that's what I've tried to represent.

The Trumpeter kits make a nice build but shame they lack the detail of the Revell kits. I've added the canvas gun mantlet cover again, made from Milliput this time. The tow cable is from Eureka XXL which I picked up from Lonewulf Models. Tempted with the next one to add more detail, but will have to wait and see. Though I have found what looks like a nice resin conversion kit for the T-55 which I'm very keen to get.

That's for now more to follow.



  1. Great looking tank! The weathering and camo are amazing.

  2. Thank you Brian. Glad you like it. :-)

  3. Fantastic weathered look. Very realistic.

  4. Like your T-55 very much! The shading is excellent and also the rust.I will start follow your blog from now on.Cheers!

  5. Ptr-thank you and welcome.

  6. Mark, your painting and modelling of vehicles is superb and the colour scheme on this little gem looks great.

    1. Thank you Pat. I'm enjoying painting the AFV's more than figures.