Friday, 13 June 2014

More buildings for the OIF project

Completed two more buildings/structures for my ongoing 20mm OIF project. First up another scratchbuilt house;

Decided to build this one as a single storey dwelling since I wanted to have ago at making external stairs. The stairwell was constructed from an off cut of blue styrofoam. Had to use Milliput on the steps to even them out here and there, but otherwise a sharp scalpel did the trick to carve out the steps. Also had to add a piece of cork tile to raise it up slightly. The actual house is mounted on 3mm MDF base before added to the base proper. I forget to allow for the first base when measuring the dimensions for the stairs. Once again the roof mounted aircon unit and satellite dish are from S&S Models. Built the satellite dish correctly this time!

Next a diesel/oil depot;

A slight flight of fancy with this one. I could not find a any actual examples of such a facility in Iraq. I've imagined it to be a small oil/diesel supply station for domestic use. The design is based more on the small electrical substations you find tucked away in residential areas here in the UK.

Not much actual scratchbuilding on this one, except for the base and wall. The fencing and storage tanks are from a company called Knightwing. They are HO kits for model railways. Lots of very useful pieces, so I'm fairly confident they will be obtaining more of my money, over the coming year! The wall is made from Depron.

Now despite lots of internet searches I'm struggling to find any good sites on architecture, dwellings in Iraq in particular or the Middle East. I'm not constructing these models as true copies of any particular buildings, but the more reference material the better. So if anyone reading this post can point me the right direction I would be grateful. Literature I have helps, plus lots of photos taken by media etc are good starting points. Yet it would be nice to have a little more detail, particularly plans.

That's it for now more to follow.....       


  1. Nice weathering on those tanks, they really look like they've been baking out in the sun forever.

  2. Wonderful additions, I just love the little details like the battled gate and of course the weathering on the tanks.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks all, for the comments much appreciated.

    2. Fantastic work - very impressive!

  4. Nice work - your house is almost completely authentic even down to the swamp cooler on the roof.

    1. Monty/Steve-thank you for the comments. Any advice or constructive criticsim will be gratefully appreciated.

  5. Top notch work Mark, love them!

  6. Very effective and a great idea with the oil depot.

  7. Great looking buildings Mark!!!