Thursday, 25 April 2013

Brecourt Manor Gun Position (Part2)

The following show progress so far on the boards. At present they look more like a moon scape than a field in Normandy.

The model gun and paratrooper figure are there purely to give an idea of scale. I've carved out two MG nests at the rear of the board, and now the boundaries are marked out, the distance from the battery position will ensure that the MG positions will be a nuisance without hopefully unbalancing the game. The edging around the trenches needs to be sanded and then filler applied to smooth off/round off the banks.

 I decided to have two entrances into the area. One can be clearly seen in the third photo. Just to the left of what will become the first gun position. Current photos clearly seen to indicate a gateway to an adjacent field. Not sure if it was there in 1944, but decided to add it anyway. It should probably be slightly more central, but that would have put in directly in front of the first gun position. So a slight re-positioning was in order. The other is through the rear hedge line and is there for foot traffic. Should I decided to have German reserves in a game, it will a useful point for easier entry.

The hedgerow in front of Gun position 1, has had to move forward slightly due to a last minute decision to re-position the MG nest between Gun 1 and Gun 2.

It goes without saying still a lot to do.    

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