Friday, 12 April 2013

Building the Gun Battery at Brecourt

The following show the first steps in my first ever major project in building a wargames table from scratch. I have since the beginning of the year been purchasing the materials (and models) required to replicate this now famous action which took place on 6th June 1944.

To begin with I have made four wooden frames and then cut down some 600x600x25mm styrofoam boards to fit inside the frame. The following photos are not great but show the boards with the gun positions marked out (Hopefully the pen/pencil marks can be made out).

The off cuts of styrofoam are there to illustrate where the hedgerow/tree line will be. On the first photo I have not marked out the rear hedgerow which would contain the MG nests).

On this photo the rear hedgerow is represented by offcuts. At the moment I'm veering towards building in the  rear hedgerow with two MG nests in front of it to protect the gun battery. Using my ground scale of 1 inch= 2metres, the furthest MG nest would be about 80metres/yards away. So perhaps slightly closer than in reality, but it will mean I can contain the whole scene on a 4ftx4ft board. Though I will not be able to place on 'Lipton's tree'.

Next will be to cut out the trenches, and start to add in the details.


  1. That should keep you busy Mark, how do you plan on sealing the trenches to ensure they stand up to rigorous game play?

    1. Thats a good question. At the moment I have a few ideas on building the trenches. But since this is my first real big project, I'm finding that I am considering and evaluating ideas (and discarding some)as I go along. So its not really a 'I don't know' answer more of a I have not figured it out yet! Its all good fun! Actually it really is fun.