Tuesday, 26 June 2012

US Airborne...Revisited

Spent the last few days, reworking my collection of 28mm WW2 US Airborne. This mainly consisted of re-painting the bases in what is becoming my standard base colour. The original bases were much darker but now I'm using as standard, Calthan Brown, Snakebite Leather, Bubonic Brown and finally Bleached Bone all dry-brushed one after another. This process gave me the opportunity to assess exactly what I have got completed, since its been a while that I have used this figures.

Ist Squad
2nd Squad
3rd Squad minus LMG team
60mm Mortar team & Bazooka team
Command Group

BAR (controversial)
I have also re-worked the O.D. patches, to make them look more worn and re-painted some of the webbing, particularly any which was 'green'. Green webbing was not used by the US Army until after the war.

As can be seen I'm missing one LMG team, for the 3rd Squad, and currently have no sniper team, medic, forward observer or radio operator. I also need to add in a few more support weapons, in particular a couple of .30cal LMG teams for fire support. Otherwise there is enough figures completed for a game.

The BAR gunners are controversial since sources I have refered to state that the BAR was not used by paratroopers but was used by the glider infantry. I have not seen any photographic evidence to refute this. The paratrooper squad has the Browning .30 calibre M1919A4 LMG (latter some use of the M1919A6) as it's support weapon, whilst the gilder infantry had the Browning M1918A2 automatic rifle has it's squad support weapon, much like the standard US Army infantry squad.



M1918A2  (B.A.R)

I don't plan on adding any more BAR gunners, but still plenty more to do. Particularly if I want to field an entire company in 28mm!!!

The figures are Artizan Designs except one in the command group which is Bolt Action (Warlord) (can you spot which one?).

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