Saturday, 9 June 2012

Calamity at the Circle K Ranch

Winter had become spring, spring had turned to summer. Victorio's warparty had hidden low for several months, but with their supplies consumed, and the younger warriors baying for blood, Victorio had realised it was time to take the fight back to the 'white eyes'.

The scalp hunters from whom they had escaped from last time had been pursuing the Apache throughout the last days of winter and the following spring but without success. Now Victorio had learned that they were residing at the Circle K Ranch.

The time for action was now. Here was an opportunity to strike fear into his enemies and gain plunder to feed his men. Victorio led his men in a rush across the corn, growing to the south of the ranch.

Before them a civilian wagon lumbered towards the ranch - an easy prize?

But the occupiers of the ranch were alerted, and the scalp hunters called to arms, hurried to defensive positions.

These six grim men, gripped their weapons with nervous excitement. Soon Apache would be falling to their guns, and money would be filling their coffers in grateful gratitude from the citizens of Lex County, Texas. For two of them, Moses McNeil and Cherokee Bill, dispensed with discretion and moved forward to meet the on coming Apache.

The wagon and attendants hurriedly moved towards the safety of the stucco walls of the ranch. Then from behind the Apache, came the sound of horse hooves and Dewitt Puckett himself, leader of this murderous gang, accompanied by John Garrett; rode towards the warparty.

The Chiricahua ignored this new threat and turned there guns upon the two fools to their front who now occupied the nearest paddock. Moses', buffalo gun snarled, at the warriors in the corn. But the lethal projectile merely shredded the heads off a few tall yellow stalks.

The Winchesters of Kuruk and Ulzana spat death at their foe.

The two hunters fell. The Apache rushed forward.

Other members of the scalphunters unnerved by the events, abandoned their position whilst Puckett, rode around and away from the Apache seeking the security of the stonewalls.

Victorio's men reached the hog pen and began to trade fire with Joe McMurty and Frenchie Delaware.  The squeals of the swine drowned out by the retort of the rifles. 

The two hunters stood on the roof of the main compound. Arrogant and foolhardy, the cheap Mexican wine filling their bellies, clouding their judgement.

Their action may have saved the wagon, and it's terrified companions. But it would not save these two cutthroats. Their shots were wild and erratic. Not so, the aim of Kuruk and Uday.

The remaining members of Puckett's band sought refuge behind the walls, and cowered in fear. There was nought they could do. 

Victorio's men seized the hogs and horses of the Circle K.

Whooping and a hollering the Chiricahua braves were free to plunder as they will. Tonight they would dine on succulent pork belly.


Dewitt Puckett stung with the shame of defeat. He would have his revenge. Armed with the bible in one hand and a six gun in the other he would drive the heathen from Texas.

So ended the third game in our ongoing Wild West campaign. The Scalphunters were played by 'The Secret Wargamer' on this occasion with 'The Secret Wargamers Friend'  umpiring. For a different interpretation of the game go here the secret wargamer.

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  1. A good write up, although I fear that the Scalp-hunter posse was a little under gunned for the M16 and minimi armed Apaches!