Thursday, 28 June 2012

Interesting WW2 sites

The following are WW2 related sites which I have visited from time to time, thought I would bring to general attention. The first is

Principally a re-enactor site but with some useful articles for wargamers/painters/modellers. This section on uniform; fallschirmjager equipment, provides some very nice photos of uniform and associated equipment. Very useful for comparison for painting purposes.

The section titled Enemy Air-Borne Forces, is a US Army intelligence document concentrating on the tactics/organization of not only German, but also Italian and Japanese paratroopers/glider troops.

Also included on the site is more sobering take on the conflict, concerning the Kondomari massarce. This unfortunate event took place on Crete following the German invasion and resulted in the murder of some 100 civilians. In reprisal for the alleged killing of fallschirmjager, who were wounded or trapped in their harnesses immediately following the landings, by Cretans.  

The second is a site have I have dipped in and out of quite regularly and is full of use/interesting information. It is Lone Sentry.

Primarily dedicated to the US Army in WW2, which includes Unit histories and articles from wartime publications and intelligence documents concerning enemy vehicles/tactics etc.. These cover a wide range of subjects from Normandy Lessons-fighting in the bocage to the camouflage manual- dispersion and camouflage of vehicles from the enemy. Though one of personal favourites as got to be trousers.

There is just too much on this site to cover, so if you like WW2 history give this site ago and I'm sure you will find something of interest.  


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