Sunday, 17 June 2012

One thing leads to another....

Whilst recently browsing my list of 'blogs' which I follow unofficially, I came across this post on The Gamers Table which led me to this blog Crac des Chevaliers (great looking M5A1's) and from there to this......

The Military Art of Dymtro Zgonnik. Fantastic full colour and black & white drawings/paintings of WW2 (plus a few other periods WW1 for example) subjects, though mainly German. Is this artist used by Osprey, if not why not? Looks like I will have to purchase some of the Concord publications if the standard of detail is this good. 

I have also taken the opportunity to up date my blog list. There have been quite a few blogs out there which I have been 'following' without actually 'following'. I decided this was a little bit rude if people are taking the time to update their blogs and put effort in and I for one am not acknowledging that commitment. So have a look there might be something of interest, 'Adventures in Lead' for example covers amongst other things the SYW in India. Some obviously cover periods I'm interested in, others have just caught my eye and are just interesting.


  1. Those Concord books are a great reference. Lots of black and white images from WWII and some colour pages in the middle. Even if it was just to check out marking examples like I did here...
    It is so true how one thing leads to another when you look around in blogs. It even leads to spending on more miniatures. :)

    1. Spending more on miniatures! It does not matter how hard I try not to do that, it always seems to happen. Oh well.