Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Making Hedgerows. Part 2

Here we have the bases painted in a suitable earth colour. I say a suitable earth colour but I'm not actually sure it is, its various shades of brown. I used Anita's acrylic craft paint. Starting with Burnt Umber and then building up through lighter shades of brown and finished off with a sand colour brushed lightly over the base. I picked mine up from Hobbycraft. But I'm not sure they sell Anita's anymore but they do have a couple of other ranges in stock, which are similar. For painting terrain I think they are perfectly suitable.

At this point I was much happier with the appearance of the bases, and next was to add the foliage and grass. The finished product....

The hedges are made from Woodland Scenics foliage clusters, with some clump foliage added in a lighter colour, Jarvis scatter fine turf, Silflor flowers and static grass which is from GW. The foliage, flowers and turf come from antenocitisworkshop. Though the clusters I had to get from maelstrom games since they were out of stock at Antenocitis. The clusters are just that. It is the same or a very similar material as the foliage clumps but more tightly packed, which makes it ideal to use for large bushes. 

The above image hopefully gives an idea what the bases look like together. The next image gives an idea of scale.

The figure behind the hedge is an Artizan designs 28mm WW2 US Airborne rifleman. Obviously you cannot tell from the picture but the figures base is butted up against the hedge base. For the record the model is based on a 2p coin.

With the foliage and scatter added, I sprayed the bases with Woodland Scenics scenic glue, using the handy spray top from the aptly named Scenic Sprayer. (The foliage and scatter was glued on first with either PVA or Woodland Scenics hobby tac glue). Once the second layer of glue was dry I sealed the hedges with Games Workshops Purity Seal spray varnish.

Overall I'm pleased with the result but would change a couple of things. Firstly, the cork ridge I should have made slightly wider, perhaps only about another 5mm. This would have meant I could have put wider clumps of foliage on top, filling out the hedges a bit more. Also made the bevel on the edges of the cork steeper in places, to make the slope more pronounced. I might also try not to 'spot' the static grass onto the base next time. In the photos it looks odd on top the turf (well to me anyway).

Next to make more straights, corners, T-junctions and gateways/openings. The MDF bases work fine and I'm hoping the same size base will serve for making bocage.  

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