Friday, 11 March 2011

Blast from the Past

Its been a bit slow on the painting front over the last couple of months, but have got some figures painted and not what I expected to paint either!

World War 2 US Paratroopers in 28mm. (Can you believe it!). First up two more riflemen. I haven't touched these models for at least eighteen months, which is a shame since when I started this project it was the first time for a long time that I felt quite passionate (steady on!) about painting. But that's not all....

A 60mm mortar and crew to add much needed fire support to the platoon (the bottom photo is an action shot).
All figures are from Artizan designs. I still have quite a few more.

Like so many other projects, these figures had been based and undercoated and lying forlorn in a box. I had planned on painting a few of the Zulu War cavalry, but had a change of heart, mainly because I have the colour scheme for the Para's planned out. When starting on a new range/period I like to do a test figure first, so I'm happy with the colours to be used. Knowing time was going to be a premium for a while I decided to turn to a tried and tested collection. I'm glad I did. 

Admittedly painting these Airborne has renewed my interest in 28mm WW2 again. Plus also the club is trialing 'Troops, Weapons & Tactics', which I think may have potential of providing a good game. Hopefully I will get a game in soon. For now this link Eveshamwargames, gives a brief mention to the game and a quick plug for the club. 

2011 will be a frugal year on the wargame buying front, (thank you coalition government!) but on the bright side I intend to concentrate on ongoing projects ie reducing the proverbial 'lead mountain' . 28mm WW2 being one of them. After all it was because of this project that I decided to join a club again.      

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