Saturday, 26 March 2011

Making Hedgerows. Part 1

One of my aims this year is to make as much terrain as I can myself. Making the few pieces I did last year I actually found quite enjoyable, so over the past few days, I've started another terrain project.

This time its 28mm hedgerows. Even though my interest in WW2 gaming centres around the Normandy campaign I decided to make non-bocage hedgerows, which will hopefully be generic enough for other periods/regions.

The purpose of these post(s) will be to record the building process, more so I can identify what works and what does not. First off was what to use to base the hedges on? This question was answered by looking round for what I had available. What I had was plenty of pre-cut MDF bases from Warbases. I had purchased these to use to make bocage hedgerows for 15mm games, but I think they should work well for 28mm.

These bases are 120mmx40mmx2mm and there are seven in a pack. On top of them is cork tile. I had some off cuts of cork tile lying about. So I cut lengths, about 10mm wide, and then further broke that into shorter lengths, and used wood glue to stick it to the base. My original idea was to use the cork, to bulk out the foliage which was to be placed  on top, so it would be hidden. But then I decided to use it to represent a low bank. So I also cut up some slightly wider pieces, to hopefully give that illusion. I had considered, only placing a few pieces on each base so the height of the foliage would vary along each length. But again I changed my mind and laid the cork along the whole length. Since it had been broken into pieces I was able to place it out in an irregular fashion, so the bank would not be to linear. I further placed a few pieces on top of the first layer to give that variation in height. The cork tile was also bevelled using a craft knife, which I was not to exact with since the next stage would hide this.
Next was to cover the base in sand. In this case a mix of sand and gravel. This is a mix I made up a long time ago from sand and gravel purchased from a pet shop. At this point I was not to sure that these bases would work. But decided to stick with it. 

Now the bases have been undercoated with GW Chaos black spray. GW spray may be a little expensive to use to undercoat terrain, but its all I've of got at the moment, and it does give good coverage.

So that's where I'm at. Next it will be to paint and add the flock and foliage.    

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