Tuesday, 6 May 2014

M1A1 (HA) Abrams MBT

Revell 1/72 scale M1A1 (HA) Abrams MBT.

This was the first 'true' plastic kit I've built in about 25+ years. Too many painful memories of dropping the tiniest pieces into the carpet never to be seen again or glue everywhere, not just on the model, had put me off for a long while. But since my re-interest in 20mm again I decided to take the plunge, and this was the first kit which I purchased and built.

The Revell Abrams has good reviews, from those who know about 1/72 scale plastic kits, for its accuracy. Took about a week to build and quite frankly I really enjoyed it. Then spent about another week painting and weathering the kit.

Learnt quite a bit from this first build. Main learning curve being take your time and the whole process will be more enjoyable. The tracks on this kit are link and length. Which means it comes in hard plastic sections and some actual individual pieces to go around the drive and idler wheels. I did think it would be a nightmare but with trial and some error, I actually prefer this method for representing tracks than the soft plastic versions so lovingly remembered from building Airfix kits as a boy...happy days!   

The stowage is mainly resin from CMK (Czech Master Kits). I'm not too sure if I've got the colours quite right on some of the stowage, so I intend to re-work some of it and maybe add some more. I drilled out the end of the gun barrel and drilled out the antenna 'attachments'(?). The antenna are plastic bristles cut from a floor handbrush.

It will be noticed I have not added any insignia. Partly because I do not like using decals and partly because I didn't believe it needed them. One item I would like to source are the Combat Identification Panels used on the Coalition vehicles. I believe the Revell M1A2 kit came with them but that kit is OOP at the moment.

The CIP can be seen on the rear of this M1A1.
The HA stands for Heavy Armour. No I didn't know that either until I had bought the kit and done some more research. The Heavy Armour in question is depleted uranium which increases protection but adds weight.

Overall a great kit, and I intend to build another one in the near future.

More too follow....



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    1. Thanks Chaps. I must admit to having a soft spot for the Abrams.