Monday, 28 April 2014

No, my son didn't help me with his homework!

So about a month ago my lad came home from school and announced he had to build a model of a WW1 trench or at least part of it. Aha! I thought I can help with that. So I gathered some off cuts of wood, suitable pieces of polystyrene and set about helping him make the model. At least that was the plan. It quickly became evident that he had every intention of letting me build the model and he would keep an eye on progress.

With the deadline fast approaching I managed to finish it with a day or two too spare.

Overall the lad is pleased with my efforts, and is going to present it to his teacher tomorrow. Of course I have got to instruct him on just how he built it and all should be fine.

Most of it was built and painted over the last week. The wood is balsa and matchsticks suitably painted. The sandbags are made from Milliput as usual. I could have added more detail but since it's meant to have been made by a 12yr old, and its not my homework I decided to keep it simple. The figures are from Great War Miniatures and were a joy to paint. So I'm hopeful to get at least a B+ for this; fingers crossed!  


  1. Figures and trench look excellent - definitely worth at least a B+

  2. Excellent job; I'm expecting at least an A!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks All. I may have re-kindled my interest in WW1!

  4. Very impressive Mark, go straight to the top of the class.

  5. It looks terrific, Tasmin is crazy, that's an A. I guess a 1 if he's common core like my kids.

    1. Thanks All. Its apparently sitting on a shelf at the school at the moment. I 'm hoping it will come home in one piece!