Saturday, 17 May 2014

Lion of Babylon

Revell 1/72 scale T-72 M1 MBT.

Russian T72 M1 in Iraqi service, otherwise known as the Asad Babil or Lion of Babylon. This was Saddams attempt to build a T-72 derivative unique to the Iraqi forces. It was apparently though never built on a production line but from imported kits bought from Poland. The Lion of Babylon or just Lion, had further armour added to its hull front and turret, plus upgraded optics. It also had a electro-optical protection system added sometimes referred to as the 'Iraqi dazzler'. This was possibly obtained from China and it emitted a beam designed to disrupt the tracking systems on anti-tank missiles such as the TOW.

The T-72 did not far well against the Abrams or Challenger MBT's. It was issued to Republic Guard Units and from what I can ascertain at the moment during OIF any T-72's encountered were located close to or in the defence of Baghdad.

Overall this was another very nice kit from Revell. I'm not sure how accurate a representation of the 'Lion' it is, since I've it built straight from the box, it certainly seems to lack the added spaced armour. Those with more knowledge than me apparently point out that the turret is incorrect for this model of the tank, but I'm no expert on modern MBT's. As far as I am concerned its a T-72 and it looks like a T-72!

The slight bend in the AA MG is un-intentional. I managed to drop the tank and the barrel of the machine gun broke off. I steady hand, patience and lots glue I was able to remedy the situation. There are metal versions of the AA MG available, though they are 'chuckier', from several wargames companies. The best replacement version I found is in brass and clearly meant for serious modeller's. The only problem is that gun costs nearly twice the price of the plastic kit for the whole tank! Maybe one day when finances improve I can treat myself and replace the plastic example.

Overall I like this kit a lot and have every intention of building another.

Thats it for now more to follow....



  1. Wow! Superb weathering on the vehicle. Just the tank and the palm trees in the background work really well together and sets the scene.

    1. Pat-thank you. I must admit I'm enjoying painting up the AFV's more than figures at the moment. Lots of techniques to try out and makes it fun.