Saturday, 26 April 2014

28 Minutes Later

The Setting

An Nasiriyah, Iraq, 23rd March 2003.

The Situation

The single squad from Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment having failed to reach the stricken Amtrac have consolidated their position and for nearly half an hour have kept the Fedayeen at bay. Unfortunately ammunition is running low and with two casualties themselves, time is running out to save the Amtrac crew from capture.

The Game

The ten remaining Marines occupy the defensive position. There very own Alamo.

Around them Fedayeen congregate. But accurate fire from the Marines have thinned their numbers.

Realising that staying put is not an option. One Marine fireteam moves out of cover in an attempt to reach the Amtrac. The remaining Marines use 'Overwatch' to protect their comrades.

Then the roar of a 1500hp gas turbine engine, added a new dimension to the battlefield.

The arrival of the M1A1 of Alpha Company, 8th Tank Battalion brought about a change in the Marine tactics. The survivors of the third team moved to link up with the tank. The intent being to use it to reach the Amtrac.

The insurgents began to gather. Reinforcements carrying RPG's being particularly welcome.

Unfortunately the attempt fails, and the Fedayeen lurking in the palm grove, attract the attention of the 68ton behemoth.

Meanwhile the fireteam who had literally sneaked out of the back door continue to move along the left flank.

Fedayeen occupy a strong position to stop the Marines outflanking move. It does not work and they are neutralised by Marine covering fire.

The Marines neutralise another 'Hotspot'. Thus gaining control of the left side of the street.

Having reached the tank. The depleted squad use it as cover to advance slowly towards the Amtrak.

Fedayeen continue to engage the Marines.

With the other two fireteams on high ground, they are able to quickly nullify the Fedayeen.

The M1A1 is able to reach the Amtrac and finally the crew is rescued.

Meanwhile at the southern end of the street, a fierce firefight has resulted in another Marine casualty; seriously wounded.

Despite inflicting a fourth casualty on the Marines, it is too little too late. The Fedayeen are either spread to thin or else forced to keep their heads down to limit casualties. The Marines command the battlefield.

Nothing can stop the Abrams and Marines reaching safety.


Marine victory. By successful neutralising the 'Hotspots' on the west side of the board, the USMC had virtually complete control of one half of the gaming area. The use of overwatch meant that the regulars were able to dominate. The Abrams was then able to advance with its left flank secure, plus act as a shield for the infantry.  The Fedayeen never had enough leaders or RPG's to effectively deal with the armour.

This game was a follow on from the last instalment. Initially the Marines had to decide how to rescue their trapped comrades, and care for their own casualties. Plus to add a bit of flavour I decided the Marines were low on ammo which was represented if they had poor supply, so -1 to firepower dice. The M1A1 was to be diced for at the beginning of each turn from the second onwards. Its arrival being decided on a successful TQ (Troop Quality) role. It arrived on the second turn. Though being a boon, it was also a bane. My opponent went out of his way to make sure that the tank was not lost during the engagement. The Marines on overwatch were able to lay down effective supporting fire, as the tank advanced. For myself I was trying to overcome the infantry and the tank. But the Marine fire was just too effective. So consequently as soon as I moved forces into position quite often they were being engaged by two Marine fireteams and then the Abrams and removed from play.

Overall another excellent game using the Force on Force rules.   


  1. Brilliant report! Thanks for posting!

    You have some very lovely models.

  2. Wow, very interesting BatRep. It was fun to read, I am certain it was more fun to play!

    Excellent terrain and figs, great details! Keep up the good work!

  3. Great report and fabulous looking table and miniatures - all very tempting.

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    2. Thank you Chaps. I appreciate the support and kind words.

  4. Great report, with great minis and terrain.

  5. A good game my fine fellow - have you ever heard of WW2 naval wargaming? I am sure you would enjoy it......

  6. Nice battle report, & great photos of the action.