Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bocage with Trees

Following on from my previous post concerning Bocage, I have now made some more. Eleven pieces again same dimensions but this time with trees added in.

These have been constructed as before, 2mm MDF bases from Warbases, then built up by adding successive layers of cork tile, cut to fit, and then filling in the contour layers with ready mixed filler to give a smooth (ish) bank, covered in sand and then paint.

The trees are Woodland Scenic armatures which I had left over. Since they are different heights I had to cut the tile around them. The tallest is about 3" the smallest about 1". I placed them on on the appropriate level of tile, i.e. the tallest where placed on the first or second level of tile and so on for each height of tree. I wanted to give the appearance that tree was growing out of the bank. So even though this left me with a dip, the clump foliage when added could be built up around the tree. Where the tile had to be cut to be built up on either side of the tree, I made sure there was a gradient on each side leading down to the tree rather than cutting the tile the same length so I was not left with a 'sharp' and abrupt end on either side of the tree of the bank.

Now I need to make some corner pieces, some ends and gateways. Plus more lengths, to truly give that claustrophobic feel, that these Normandy hedgerows envoked. 


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    1. Thank you. I have some more to make, and I'd like to take a few photos of work in progress next time, so anyone who's interested can copy or adapt to make their own if they wish.