Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Citadel Paint Range...What the....!

Games Workshop has done it again and reworked their products. This time its the paints. Having used Citadel colour for a very long time, I was quite shocked (it must be my age?!) when I saw this announcement games-workshop. (I must be in shock, since I've decided to put an entry on the blog, not something I normally do for gaming news).  GW paints have their detractors but I like them, know the colours and what will work/not work.

With a weeks leave coming up I can see this bemused painter/gamer taking a trip to the local GW store to check out the new range. Once I've got past the obligatory greeting of 'WHAT ARE YOU PAINTING AT THE MOMENT MATE'. What I'd like to say in response 'Is none of your damn business young man' but since I'm to polite I'll probably respond with 'WW2 Fallschirmjager in splinter camo smocks actually' (Yes, I'm a sad old b******d).

Anyway GW have put up a downloadable conversion chart-old to new versions of their paints. Which will help in the mean time. Conversion chart.

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  1. Great post Mark just stocked up on the old favorites Devlin Mud, Elf Flesh, various Browns as you just never know.