Thursday, 2 February 2012

My Name is Michael Caine

Norfolk never looked so exciting!!!

Oberst Steiner is here to take command.

This little gem is from Warlord Games and was a must have. Based on the Michael Caine character from the  'classic' 1977 movie 'The Eagle has Landed', itself based on the Jack Higgins novel of the same name (which I have never read).

Yes Oberst Steiner may look more like a Luftwaffe fighter pilot than a Fallschirmjager Officer, but its a great figure and will make an excellent platoon commander. The fact the model is carrying a sten gun really appealed to me.   
Warlord do produce another Fallschirmjager figure with a looted sten gun but that figure has been modelled in a prone position, and I'm not to keen on figures in prone or kneeling positions, I prefer 'action'/'movement' poses.  It would be nice to have a Jager with a sten gun in a better pose. This photo illustrates the use of captured/looted weapons.

The Jager on the far left (standing) is holding a sten gun. This still is from film taken during the Battle of the Bulge. The men are stood on the back of a King Tiger, on route to Stavelot, Belgium on 19th December 1944. The march of this particular King Tiger is well documented in 'Battle of the Bulge Then and Now' available from here afterthebattle.

P.S. Yes the film/book is set in Norfolk. The scenario would I think make a nice little game, something Pulpy perhaps-can you save Winston Churchill from the dastardly Nazis?   

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  1. Very nice buddy, so what run set do you plan on using?
    I tested NUTS out last week which had a good feel and night be good for an Eagle has Landed type affiar?