Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Interesting Question?

Stu raised an interesting question as to what rules would I use for a WW2 pulp game (from last post)? For small scale platoon sized actions I've previously used the Iron Ivan rules. 

Which give a good game and Iron Ivan have recently released their Pulp/adventure rule set and a squad level rule set. Though I don't really know much about either of these new sets. The blurb for 'Where Heroes Dare' says they are for 20s/30s pulp games, but I'm sure they could stretch to the 40s.

 My other choice for platoon level WW2 is the 'TOOFATLARDIES', Tactics, Weapons & Troops' (or TW&T) for short. 

Now I'm itching to give these a bash. I only need to complete a few more fallshirmjager and add a few more pieces of terrain and I'm off (at last). I've played a couple of the Lardies sets and really enjoyed the games that they give. Now with the Big Men rules, I think they could be adjusted for a small pulp style game, or would you need that little extra flavour to flesh out the characters? But then there is always the TW&T supplement 'Platoon Forward' which is designed to give a little more depth to the Big Men. At the present time I'm not sure I'd won't to be purchasing more rule sets. I've already got too many some of which I have not played, nor am I likely to play.

So to recreate 'The Eagle Has Landed' in 28mm what would you need. German fallshirmjager in Polish paratrooper kit about 16 figures. A platoon of GI's to represent the Rangers, including Larry Hagman.

I think he would be a level 1 Big Man!

A handful of civilians, including Jenny Agutter.


And Donald Sutherland as Devlin.
But would you need these characters? Maybe heading into the roleplaying territory? Who would play Jenny (I can think of a few candidates).  It would depend on whether to play the game as a straight fight between the Germans and Americans or to have the main characters played by select individuals to develop a story, rather than a straight wargame.  

Throw in your quintessential English village, a few Jeeps to get shot up could be a great project/game. This is definitely a project I would like to run and one I have considered for a while, worthy of further consideration. Having never played a strictly Pulp game I can't at this stage comment to well on rules or how to run the game. Though I have been interested in the Pulp genre for a while and it is an area of wargaming a would like to try. There are other rule sets out there, besides those listed, which could fit the bill.  

Of course another 'classic' WW2 film I have considered turning into a game of some sort is...



  1. What about NUT's by the Two Hour Wargame Guy's.
    I recon they could have a good Hollywood feel for what you have planned.

  2. I haven't tried them so didn't want to include them in my list of possible rules, but may be worthy of consideration.