Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Medic & Radio Operator

What more can I say a medic and radio operator for the Fallschirmjager.

Both are Bolt action figures from Warlord Games. Both to be used as part of the platoon/company command section.

I must admit to have never really paid much attention to the uniform/accoutrement's of the German medical personnel. So a little bit of research.... didn't reveal many contemporary photos either (I'm sure their out there somewhere) . But there were plenty of photo's of re-enactors or miniatures of German WW2 medics. All seem to agree that white helmets were used with either a single red cross or multiple symbols on the helmet or even a single large cross painted across the whole of the helmet. (NB the white helmet does not seem to have been standard, and modern reconstruction's had images of standard uniform with the red cross arm band only). Now on the subject of the tabard I had seen in  a recent TV documentary contemporary film of a German medic running between buildings in combat and wearing such a tabard (I think it may have been about Operation Market-Garden). But I could not recall the colour of the helmet being worn or if the red cross symbol was on the reverse of the tabard. It made sense it would be, so I have painted a cross on the back.

This photo is of a Leichte Schutzenpanzerwagen U304(f), is based on a captured French chassis and this particular version was used as an armoured ambulance. Issued to units in France from 1943 on. Note personnel wearing red cross armbands only and at least one wearing a tabard (standing in passenger compartment). No white helmets though. 
Next up support weapons for the Fallschirmjager, coming soon. 

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