Thursday, 10 June 2010


For a while now I've been mulling over the number of wargaming 'projects' I have on the go and how to lower the proverbial 'lead mountain' the bane of all those committed to this hobby of ours.
The recent house move did bring sharply into focus just how much 'stuff' I have despite having had a clear out some twelve months before. So what to do with it all, put it back into storage, sell it or dare I say it, paint it! (crazy fool). Well there's just too much to paint in one go but what if I was to actually be disciplined and only concentrated on one or two projects. Sound to far fetched, impossible?
At the moment this is the list of current projects;
1) WW2 in 15mm aka Flames of War.
2) WW2 in 28mm.
3) War of the Ring-GW mass combat for Lord of the Rings.
4) Ambush Alley in 28mm-'Black Hawk Down.'
5) Zulu War in 28mm.
6) French and Indian War in 28mm.
6) Dark Age armies in 28mm for Warhammer Ancient Battle-Viking, Saxon et al.
7) The secret project.
I have bits done for nearly all of them, in varying amounts. But I should, I have concluded narrow the field. Since the whole point is having 'bits done' is not really good enough.
At present the Flames of War project is probably my favourite, and the one I really want to complete. So which of the above should I concentrate on? Obviously its got to be a project which I'm interested in, and will sustain my interest, but also one which I can use against opponents. There are certainly enough members of the club, who have appropriate forces for the majority, of the above except maybe WAB, so what to do?

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  1. Well I would carry with all these projects, there are loads of things there that many have an interest in. Don't dismiss your Dark Age project to0 soon - I have my Norman army and I certainly still have more to paint including some Vikings of my own. In fact add more, you could probably start Cold War Commander, ACW and Napoleonics in 6mm! ;)