Saturday, 19 June 2010

Projects an update & a reply

In response to Paul's comments, firstly I not sure why I didn't realise that he had a Dark Age army since the banner to his blog movealongnownothingtoseehere is a photo of some nice Norman Knights.
Now on my last post re Projects, I didn't mention what other subjects/periods I would like to do since I am hopefully not going to be buying anything new this year. By new I mean of course a completely new period/army.
But projects I would like to start eventually are;
1) ACW in 6mm-yes I had intended to start this in this year but it will have to join the waiting list for a while.
2) Napoleonic in 6mm-a definite maybe.
3) Pulp gaming-this has been attracting my interest for a while. The idea of turn of century/early 20th Century games of daring do! I like Copplestone's Back of Beyond range, and the Russian Civil War figures are a particular favourite. Or that Tarzan/King Solomons Mines/King Kong/Lost World/Indiana Jones type thing, you know what I mean!?
4) WW2 air war-Battle of Britain, 8th Air force over Germany, Pacific air combat. I would like to do this in 1/300th and raiden miniatures have a nice range of aircraft.
Yet for now its going to be Flames of War and Project number 7, which will be my focus for a while.

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  1. 7, come and share, you know it makes sense.