Monday, 5 April 2010

Why I love.....

Webbs of Wychbold!?

Mrs G and I took the brood to this fairly local gardening emporium on Saturday. Always a grand day out with the pets section, and climbing frames to keep the kids occupied. I actually went with the intention of pricing up/purchasing shelving for the green house. Now part of the store is given over to Hobbycraft. This area is always worth a perusal, useful for modeling supplies, and imagine my surprise/delight/horror(!?), when I discovered on this visit that they now stock Battlefront products. Not a huge range but enough. I ended up walking away with a Flak36 battery. And the greenhouse? Still needs shelving!

So bravo to Webbs.

1 comment:

  1. Watch them Mark, they mark up the prices over the RRP, and all the FOW stuff is at least 10% off on t'interwebs.