Monday, 5 April 2010

I'm back....!

Well the house move went pretty well. I've finally now got round to start painting again, which just over a week on is not to bad.

So on the workbench we have.....

US Para 81 mm mortar platoon. Based and undercoated, just need to be painted. I will paint the base first then the models. I started basing and then painting the models many years ago, if I think I can get away with it. I never liked the painting the model first, then basing routine. Particularly if drybrushing the base detail, paint had a tendency to go on the figure, which would mean touching that figure up again, plus once figures were based some detail could not be seen. So I experimented with basing groups of models and painting them once in situ. At the time I was painting 15mm ancients for DBA/DBM (long since gone), and it worked. FoW bases lend them themselves to this method perfectly. Though I have yet to try and paint more than 4 figures on a base, or camo ie Germans. I work on the theory that if I can't get the brush into an area to paint the detail then it will not be seen anyway! So this area will be left black, representing shade or at least in a base colour. Also I have a 'base' to hold when painting the models, which can make things easier. Others like to place figures on sticks or whatever, this is the method I use and it suits me.

Next up....

Woodland Indians for French and Indian War. Observers may notice that I haven't sprayed the figures on the base, but undercoated them and then applied the model to the base and put on the sand. I've then applied a wash of brown ink to the sand and will then drybrush the base.I wanted to try something a little different, since the black undercoat can make the base colour(s) look to dark. I'm happy with results so far.

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