Friday, 23 April 2010

Carentan in 15mm

This is a Landmark building, Carentan Houses. Purchased mine from Timecast, and at the moment I believe they are no longer being made, though Timecast are hoping to take over production. Nice little buildings overall.

I've decided to mount all mine on to MDF and add scenery. I've also 'weathered' the buildings a little. I can't say painting scenery has ever been my thing. The seemingly recent expansion in pre-painted scenery is for me at least, a bit of a bonus. At the same time I like to see scenery which has been modelled, and hence why I decided to base all the houses. This is the first one finished. I intend to have enough to make a town scene, if necessary. Not sure how this will work in games, since the vogue at present is to have buildings with lift off roofs etc so models can be placed in side. Can't do that with these Landmark buildings.
The pavement is a mixture of textured plasticard from Antenociti Workshop, and good old cereal packet card, cut and scored. The cobble stones in the backyard is textured plasticard from the same company. The advertising poster is also from Antenociti. They do sheets of French or German advertising/propaganda posters, all copies of originals.

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