Thursday, 30 July 2015

Pimp my ride!

A while back I posted about the first of several LAV-25's I intend to build. That post can be found here.

Now if you read yesterday's post (if not go and read it now :)), clearly visible in photo in the background is the very same LAV. For the past few days I've been 'enhancing' the model. I was just not entirely happy with it, and decided it needed further weathering.

So this is what it looked like originally...

Now this is the updated version...

I've added more dust and paint scratches primarily. This time I took more care by adding a layer of dust streaks for example, sealing with varnish and then adding another layer to build up the appearance.

I'm much happier with it's appearance now and I very much doubt I will tinker with it any more. Though I have made an error. Looking back at my source photo's the barrel of the Bushmaster cannon always seems to be black. I'll probably leave this one green and make sure I get it right next time.

Next I intend to 'pimp up' the T-72M1.

That's it for now more to follow soon.....


  1. Excellent work, the extra weathering really brings it to life.

    1. Thank you PC. Glad you like it.

  2. It must be a tough decision to distress a freshly painted model, but great call on this one. Well done Sir.

    1. Thank you Michael. My main concern was going to far and not being to undo what was done. Slow and steady won the day.