Wednesday, 12 November 2014

It doesn't get any more exciting than......

Telegraph poles! A selection for your viewing pleasure.....

These have all been placed on old MDF gaming bases, with the edges bevelled. The actual poles are from Ratio in HO scale. The pieces on them are from Bachmann, Modelscene, Knightwing Models, 20mm Zone and Sgt's Mess. So a mix of railway (HO scale) and wargaming scenery.

The bases vary in size from 25x25mm to about 80x40mm. The dog is from Dart Castings, the bin from Bachmann and the sheep from Pegasus Hobbies.  The sheep have been painted to represent Awassi sheep, a breed native to the region.

The skip is from The Scene again. The rubbish inside is home made from off cuts of balsa wood and wire spears. The chair is from Faller and is OOscale so comes out a little small. But one of the legs have been cut off and with a bit of weathering it looks okay. The stool with the dog is also from Faller but that looks more in scale than the chair. All non-animal pieces have been weathered.

The idea behind these was to make the telegraph pole bases more interesting. To add a bit of character to the gaming board and where appropriate provide some cover. The Ratio pack comes with two sprues of eight poles. The next batch will be done similar but I may just base a few with foliage around the base, so nothing to fancy or time consuming. The only thing I would do different is place some of poles centrally on the bases. I got a bit drill happy when placing the holes and it was only after the poles had been placed did I realise I should have varied the positions.

Next up is a break from terrain. I have another USMC fireteam to complete, some more 1/285th FV432's and a plastic kit to build which I'm hoping will turn out well.

That's it for now more to follow........soon-ish.....   


  1. Those look great. There is some nice variety there.

  2. Superb! Really well done, I bet they look wonderful arranged on the table.

  3. I really like the random variety that you added to the bases. It really adds that lived in feel.

    1. Thank you Brian. I'm glad you think it has the lived in look which is what I was trying to achieve.

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    2. Thanks Fran. I'm not a lone someone else thinks telegraph poles are cool!:)

  5. Your attention to detail is what really makes your work stand out Mark. Superb.