Sunday, 1 September 2013

Workbench for Brecourt

So here we have the obligatory 'workbench' photos. First up a lot of grenadiers plus a few US airborne...

These figures are all mounted on 2p coins, and represent the last few US Airborne I need to complete and the German Grenadiers I will need to play out the Brecourt Manor scenario. Or potentially will need. I have enough models to represent the infantry who are mentioned as supporting the guns and should be able to replace the gun crew figures with a suitably armed equivalent should it be needed. Next up gun crew and friends.....

The gun crew are mounted on 1p coins. I normally use the 2p coin to base individual figures for skirmish games but decided that placing the figures around the gun itself would be easier if they are on smaller bases. The other figures are the MG42's and crews in sustained fire role, for the MG nests. Plus US Airborne .30cal teams in deployed mode. The latter are not really necessary but I believe it will be nice to have the option replace the moving teams with bases representing the MG's deployed. The MG teams will be mounted on suitable larger bases once painted. Whilst on the subject of .30cal teams....

I've used two different colour schemes for these teams. The team on the right is painted in the 'Green Ochre' scheme. The one on the left in  a scheme based around 'US Tan Earth'. Both are Vallejo colours. I originally used to paint the US Airborne M1942 uniform in a scheme based on GW's Desert Yellow. When that colour was withdrawn I changed over to Vallejo Green Ochre which I think is quite a good match for the old GW Desert Yellow. But following a recent suggestion from one of the forum members on LAF, I tried US Tan Earth as an option.

I like both and plan to use both colour variations to represent the M1942 uniform. But what do you think?

Quite a bit of painting to do. So that's it for now more to follow.  



  1. You have put so much attention to detail into this project I can hardly wait to see the end product.
    As for the colours of the US Para, the Vallejo US tan looks more pleasing to me but I would carry on with what you are doing re mixing and matching as I think this works best.

    1. Thanks Pat for the support. I agree, the Green Ochre works and I like it, but it now looks a little bit too green against the US Tan Earth. But I'm going to use both to represent different colour batches.

  2. Super detail Mark, very well painted

  3. Great figures
    how do you do those bases?