Monday, 28 May 2012

Muskets & Tomahawks plus WSS magazine

My copy of Musket & Tomahawks arrived over the weekend.

Initial impressions are good. Have not had time to read the whole thing, but I think it will give a good game and will be my rule set of choice for FIW. The rules themselves cover the French and Indian War and American War of Independence plus the Native American revolts in between. They come with a nice little card set which arrived in their own little plastic carry case, like the old Top Trumps cards. They are designed primarily for 28mm figures, but give conversions for using 15mm or 40/54mm figures. A few other markers/tokens are required i.e. hidden movement for some units, smoke markers for units which have fired. Some of these can be downloaded from the publishers site apparently. I cannot see me suddenly painting  a whole load of models for this period but it will give me the impetuous to kick start this project again.

Also purchased an electronic copy of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine Issue 60.

I do not really buy wargames magazines any more unless there is something of interest, and this issue co-insided with my decision to concentrate on my 28mm WW2 Normandy project around the actions of the 101st Division on D-Day. It is largely dedicated to platoon sized WW2 games and in particular paratrooper actions. Contains a scenario for the now famous Brecourt Manor action executed by Easy Company, 2nd Battlion, 506th PIR on 6th June 1944. This article, is written by Olivier Perrony who I believes uses the pseudonym of Sgt Perry on various forums, who's articles I have read before with interest. I'm quite interested in playing out this scenario, just need to purchase 4x105mm guns and build some trenches.

Also includes an article on various WW2 rule sets for Platoon sized games. Some of which I have played/used. Interestingly, for the TOOFATlardies choice they have used 'I Ain't Been Shot Mom'  not 'Troops Weapons and Tactics'.  So I think I might give IABSM a go as a rule set for platoon sized games, as well as for company actions, which means only one rule set to learn.

The column hosted by Rick Priestly mentions my club Evesham Wargames, now known as Wyvern Wargamers. Due to his recent visit there, which I missed unfortunately. But anyway I big up for the boys.

Overall quite like this magazine, having never read it or purchased a copy before. And at £2.00 for the PDF version very reasonable.

WSS can be found here wss-magazine.

Picked up my copy of Musket & Tomahawks from here-North Star Figures. £24.00 for a copy.

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