Thursday, 17 May 2012

DAK Transport-Opel Biltz Trucks & Horch car

Latest editions to the Afrikakorp. Transport to run the troops round in.

Opel Blitz Trucks

and Horch Kfz 15 staff cars

These are all Battlefront resin models with integral bases. Which I had originally bought to use with my late war 15mm project, but since that as stalled they are now being pressed into service in the Western Desert.

They were also a bit of experiment, in colour. All were airbrushed Tamiya German grey XF63, and then over sprayed with Tamiya Dark Yellow XF60. I did consider leaving some of the grey showing through, since many vehicles arriving in Africa were still grey, but changed my mind. Mainly because it would have be slightly more complicated masking out/salt and hairspray method/re-painting the grey etc.. From there I used MIG filters from the Afrikakorp set, and then MIG brown wash which I highly recommend. Then a slight drybrush, battle damage and finally weathering powders. I also used for the first time the MIG pigment fixer. Will need to practice more with the fixer but overall good results. After applying the weathering powders I 'flooded' the area with the fixer using a clean brush It does dry with a satin finish, but give it time to dry,say 24hrs, and it will dull down. Touch up with Devlan Mud (R.I.P.) and job done. Of course then varnish. P.S. the tarp covers on the trucks were painted using Vallejo Khaki colours.

For my MIG products and Vallejo colours I've started using SnM Stuff. I do recommend, good service. My first port of call used to be Antenociti's but of late everything I seemed to want was out of stock, then I discovered SnM Stuff and haven't looked back.

Hopefully my Panzer III's from Plastic Soldier Company will be here soon, so guess what I will be painting next?         

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