Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sarissa Buildings

Purchased these two MDF buildings from sarissa-precision recently and spent the last few days assembling and painting them. I found out about this company whilst browsing this site for Old West inspiration Cowtown Chronicles. I then missed out on seeing the buildings in the flesh at the Derby show, since a didn't attend in 2011. Having read further good reviews elsewhere I decided to make a purchase.

They are from the 28mm WW2 range, and they are Small Terrace No1 and House No1 respectively. Both come in kit form consisting of walls x4, base x1, upperfloor x1, roof sections x2, chimney x1 (but comes in four pieces), window frames and door frames. The internal window frames are already molded/cut onto the model. The brick work on the house is also separate, you get two lengths for the front and one for the back. There is no rear door on the house but there is on the terrace and neither have windows on the side walls. Both models go together very easily.

I have assembled them pretty much as they come except for the chimneys were I have added the chimney pots. I have on the terrace house used embossed plastic card for the roof tiles, though I now think the laser cut roof which comes with the model is excellent and paints up very well. Both models were sprayed with Halfords grey primer and it does not hide any of the detail, nor did any of the further painting using an old small house paintbrush (though I used acrylic paints, not emulsion). I did spray the internal walls before assembly.

Here are a couple of photos with a Bolt Action US Para for scale comparison.

The terrace main external walls I have sprayed with an old can of GW Roughcoat, before painting.

The external walls of the house I covered with a render product from 4ground (who also make nice laser cut MDF buildings & accessories). This product worked quite well but may have been even better if I had followed the tutorial on the 4ground site which I found after I had applied the render.

Overall 10/10 for this product from Sarissa. Plus good service and products were received very well wrapped and I mean well wrapped. There is obviously a lot of scope to do more with these buildings if you wish. I will certainly be getting more in the future. I particularly like the warehouse- city block.


  1. They look great - top paint job too!

    May have to invest...

    1. Thank you. I can fully recommend these buildings. The Old West range look very good too.

  2. Nice work mate... now we need to get them to the club for a game.