Saturday, 21 April 2012

New project......revealed

Afrikakorp in 15mm. A slight diversion, but one I'm looking forward to getting my teeth into. So how did this come about? Well it all happened a couple of weeks ago when I found myself taking on the Royal Navy, and giving them a bloody nose I hasten to add, that salty sea dog action can be found here the secret wargamer. Now whilst passing round the bottle of port the Secret Wargamer (who is that strange masked man?) happened to mention he was starting a new project based around the Western Desert in 1941 using the  Rapid-Fire rules. This immediately sparked an interest, so I stepped upto the plate, asked if I could join in. Some ten minutes later I found myself plotting the conquest of North Africa and Egypt.

Now a while back I had an interest in Late War 15mm using Flames of War, and had intended returning to this scale, but using the TOOFAT Lardies rules I ain't been shot mom, for company level games. So a quick perusal of the Rapid Fire rules revealed that the basing for both sets could be interchangeable. With my arch-nemesis planning on constructing a British force, I could concentrate solely on the Germans for the moment, which will be a welcome change from building up two opposing forces for a while.

Here a couple of photos of a test base. (Apologies for the awful pictures, I need to practice my photography more, particularly of 15mm figures)

I have gone for the light olive green uniform, rather than a faded desert look. For the uniform I have used Foundrys Moss palette No29. For the rest Battlefront came to the rescue again painting DAK infantry. I haven't followed the FoW guide religiously but borrowed ideas from it.

I do enjoy painting these 15mm figures. Due to their small size I can be rougher with the application of paint (as can be seen in the photos), than with 28mm models, but from a distance I think they still look good (my opinion only!).

Anyway the plan is to build the 5th Light Division for use with Rapid Fire, since it is smaller than the other DAK divisions and will make a good start point to build on.


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  1. They look very good indeed. 28mm is great for skirmish games, but I think 15mm takes a lot of beating for price, storage and larger battles. Did I mention my interest in Operation Barbarossa.................