Monday, 23 January 2012

Fallschirmjager (Squad Two)

At last the second Fallschirmjager squad is finished. HURRAH!!!!.

Been a bit of a slog with this one taken approximately three months or so to paint ten figures. Constant stop/start with numerous interruptions for one reason or another. But anyway here they are.... 

Once again mainly Artizan miniatures except for one of the MG34 teams which is from Crusader Miniatures. very nice figures in deed. The Crusader Fallschirmjager are labelled Early War, so it was fitting to paint them in grey/green jump smocks. 

Again I've used a mix of GW, Foundry and Vallejo colours. I've used Foundry Storm Green for some of the jump smocks, to add variety but also photos of re-enactors and period photos give the impression that the 'early' jump smocks were a more green colour, rather than grey. But saying that I've also done a couple using Foundry's American Olive Drab, and Granite palettes. The 'true' colour of WW2 uniforms, particularly German uniforms, is both a mystery and a minefield! Field grey!!! what colour is field grey; grey? grey/green? brown/grey (green)?, field grey is whole subject by itself and lets not start on the US M1942 Paratrooper uniforms (no I'm not going to) (curse you Band of Brothers (excellent mini TV series that you were)). I might if a get the time and can be bothered write a small piece on WW2 uniforms and the ups and downs of a wargamer attempting to recreate them on miniatures.

The squad leader is the only one in camo smock and snazzy matching trousers. I took this idea from the following publication.  

Published by Histoire & Collections by Jean de Lagarde. The catchy title of German Soldiers of World War Two speaks for itself. On page 112/113 is a description of an NCO of the Grossdeutschland Division wearing camo smock and a pair of camo trousers made from zeltbahn material. The zeltbahn was a triangle piece of material, which could be worn as a poncho or several put together to make a tent if required. One zeltbahn would be carried by each soldier.

Zeltbahn in splinter camo.

This is an excellent book and thoroughly recommended. Colour photos throughout of German army/navy/airforce uniforms and equipment. Picked up my copy from Amazon (were else!). 

Thats enough for today, until next time.    

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