Friday, 22 April 2011


So here's a little clue how I have spent the last week, when not enjoying the glorious weather of course!

That's right basing trees. These are for 28mm games, and I've decided to base them all individually, on 60mm hex bases from....Warbases. In all there are currently twenty three of them (odd number, not sure why 23?). These trees are about twenty years old give or take a year or two, and had been sitting up in the loft for a while. I used to put the trees on to a piece irregularly cut green felt to represent the border of the wood. I had planned on making some area bases out of 3mm MDF painting and flocking it and basing the trees on to a small suitable base (a 2p coin for example) and then placing them onto the larger area base.

But I decided to use the hex bases instead. Not my original idea, but I like the effect it gives, may not be to everyone's taste with the straight base edges. This way an area of a wood can still be represented, or they can be used as individual trees. Also means less to carry around and store.

The same paints and flocks have been used as on the hedges I made. I have some 15mm sized trees to base which I will see if two or three can go on a single base. They should work with the larger trees, to give variation in height for a wood in 28mm games.  May also make some 'empty' bases, so the wood area can be defined when figures are placed into the wood itself, and trees removed for ease of play.     

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