Friday, 22 October 2010

Zulu- Just One!

By the magic of technology, this looks like it could be one of the Zulu's from the last post? Well I'd lying if I said it was. I finished this little fella about a week ago and have done a few more since.

My main concern with painting the Zulu was getting the black/African skin colour right. Or at least do it justice. So this was the test figure. I must admit most of my previous painting has been of white Europeans. Mainly because thats have been my area of interest, not because of anything more sinister.

I had an idea of what colours to use, and after some research on the 'net' to see how other people do it, I stayed with my initial scheme. Which to be honest wasn't to far off what other painters have used. Some of the best skin tones I found, involved eight or nine layers/glazes/highlights etc. of paint which I decided was just too much, even for me! Though the result was very good.

I am once again finding I'm using a limited palette, for clothing (what there is of it!) etc.. I seemed to have turned other a new leaf, I no longer have to agonise over what variation of brown or white or whatever colour to paint a loin cloth, they will all be the same colour-Oh the joy!

I seem to have caught the colonial bug at the moment. (Sounds nasty, what!).

P.S. Colonial bug is not a reference to Starship Troopers-you know who you are.

P.P.S. Yes this is an Empress Miniatures, Zulu. Follow the link on the right hand side if you would like to know more!

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  1. Nice work mate, just when I thought I'd painted every Zulu I bought a dozen with rifles off ebay.