Thursday, 28 October 2010


A few more terrain pieces. I got the idea whilst watching 'Zulu' ( again!) a few weeks ago, and noticed in some scenes that there were odd trees scattered about surrounded by tall grass and bush. I then remembered having some 'Woodland Scenic' tree armatures lying about and voila!

They took a little longer than I had planned. The colder weather recently, meant the glue was taking longer to dry and I didn't really take that in to account and half the first layer of sand fell off, when I came to paint them. Patience is the key at the moment. Again I've used CD's for the bases.

This little project was a learning curve 'Hob-e-tac' (Woodland Scenics own glue), is good stuff but it does just what it says-its tacky. Worse than super glue if you get it on fingers. I used a mix of Woodland Scenic, Javis and GW materials for the foliage and scatters.

Here's a shot with a red coat lurking in the bush.

I have a few other ideas forming for future terrain projects. Time to crack on.

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