Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Short Recess

Yet again I am having to 'close' the blog down. But for what I believe is a worthwhile cause. My good lady has recently set up a site to help sufferers of PTSD, and things are starting to pick up

She is doing this voluntarily and at the moment it is a one woman show. I will be helping out on a voluntary basis, but consequently for a while I will have less time for wargaming. I still intend to carry on with projects and attempt to keep up with everybody's blogs. But posting on my blog will have to stop to make room for other matters.

Thank you to those who have been good enough to follow me so far. I hope to return to the blog at some point in the future. 

I will be on the look out for Mr. Awdry's Batman adventures, the BigRedBat and his excellent large scale ancient games, The Silver Whistle and his stunning photo's of figures and games Mr Mersey's upcoming fantasy rules, Scott's continuing adventures in Middle Earth and keeping an eye on everyone else so I know what's happening in the wonderful world of wargames.

I'm sure that some of the my future games will appear on the site of my good friend the The Secret Wargamer. He likes to inject a bit of humour into the after game reports; I'll leave it upto you to judge the comic value.

More of my time will be directed to this Safe Horizon UK 

So a big thank you to everyone who took time to comment on my posts the kind words were a great encouragement. 

So that's it for now......


  1. Good Luck assisting your good lady. Make sure you come back. Kind regards, PW

  2. Its getting the balance right, so look after your young lady and we will see you when you get back.

    1. Thank you Pat. Keep up the good work, gives me inspiration.

  3. I am rubbish Mark, I've only just stumbled upon this! Best of luck with the new project, a truly worthwhile and import cause. We'll see you on your return.