Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New Project, Old Scale

GHQ 1/285th Modern British.


FV432 Trojan (Combat Teams)


These will be for use with the 'Modern Spearhead' rules and are my first test units. I refer to the Trojans as 'Combat Teams' due to the rules interpretation of IFV's. There is no need to have a separate base for infantry when dismounted, if they are traveling in armoured vehicles. The infantry figures are not needed on the bases, but make identification easier of 'combat teams' rather than them being just transport  vehicles. The bases are 30mm square slightly smaller than recommended by the rules by about 2mm! The bases are from 'Warbases', pay a little bit more for the rounded edge but worth it.

I will be building a BAOR force for 'Cold War Gone Hot' scenarios set in 1984. My good buddy the 'Secret Wargamer' already has a collection of Warsaw Pact and NATO forces in 1/300th. Have been play testing the rules (game reports can be found on his blog) and so far the experience has been very positive.

This project will run in conjunction with the 20mm.

That's it for now more to follow.....