Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Brecourt Manor...Part 9

Not really a full post just a tidy over until I can really move things along. But carrying on from last post, I did add a few more sandbags to the boards. Not very exciting, I'm sorry.

I did not even add that many! I didn't want to spend too long making sandbags out of Milliput once again, so I added a few here and there just to add another feature to terrain. I also decided not to re-paint the other sandbags. What I did do was add a wash of Devlan Mud thinned with Klear and water.

This mixture added a level of griminess which I am happy with and what was lacking from the original sandbag emplacements. I'm not sure if it is evident in the photos.

That should be the last on sandbags. Probably like me you are bored to tears of 'em? More to follow soon.    


  1. This is really taking shape. do you have a full table shot so far of what you have done?

    1. I didn't on this occasion Chris. There is the photo in the last post. The next time I'll take a photo of the four boards together is once I have some flock on them or at least something green!

  2. I never tire of seeing shots of this splendid build.

  3. Very nice terrain element, sir. It will be a pleausure to play on it!