Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Building the Brecourt Gun Battery.....Part 4

Okay so its still blue!!!

But I have finished off building the trench sides and floors and painted them too! I have also added some of the scenic items supplied with the Warlord guns.

Now I took the decision to paint and bed these into the boards before adding the ground work. Why? Well these are metal pieces with quite thick bases. I'm hoping that by compressing the styrofoam now will make it easier to hide the bases, rather than disguise them later when the base ground colour is added.

I still need to work out the roof for the command bunker. Reference material indicates that 'earth' bunkers were reinforced with logs. Clearly I have not done this with the internal walls, but may incorporate logs into the roof structure. The jury is still out on that one at the moment.

The trees which will form part of the surrounding hedgerows I had planned to fix permanently into the board. But since I intend to use 'Woodland Scenic' tree armatures I have cut away part of the hedgerow bank and added the tree bases provided with the armatures. This will give the choice to leave the tree in or remove when transporting/storage.

The plastic bases have then been covered with modelling clay so only the hole is left showing.  Next will be to paint the ground base coat and bed in some more scenic items which I have painted ready to go.


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