Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year (belatedly) and chickens!!!

Happy New Year to one and all. Having had to work before, during and after the start of 2013 I'm now playing catch up. So I've decided to start the year by posting a few pieces I completed late last year which I didn't get round to recording on the blog.

So here we have some farmyard critters, to enhance the battlefield.

First up some chickens;

The chickens are from Redoubt

Now some geese;

These are from Gripping Beast. I don't believe they make them any more (they are very old models). The one on the left hand base should not be sitting down. The littlest one decided to play farms with these, and then she said to me 'Look Daddy this one wobbles'. The legs are very thin, so I'll not be too surprised if they don't all break off eventually.

And finally dead cows and a horse;

The dead livestock are from Warlord.

I still have some more livestock to finish off, so I can field a complete farm.

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  1. Mark
    Is the painting table that thin mate your are down to animals :-) It's sounds like you are in need of a new project.
    Hope to see you at the club in 2013.